I love history––all faceTweetUGts of it!  Not only that, I love to share things about history. Hence, this new blog which will include tidbits, articles, posts, links about events, people, places in history that tickle my fancy, and hopefully in the process, tickle yours!

One week it might be about older films that I hope you will enjoy. The next, a post about what medical damage various corsets–whalebone or otherwise–had on the health of women throughout the ages. In addition, with his full permission, of course, I will also be reblogging wonderful historical posts written by the great Clancy Tucker.

SEWING_CAN_BE_DANGEROUS_smallBut I have another project in mind for this blog and that is my KINDNESS KORNER. Under that category/page, I have included a growing list of authors, bloggers,   tweeters, FB sharers, promoters, etc; people who have been SO KIND to me during  this wonderful author’s journey I’ve been experiencing  for the last few years. Because I believe so firmly in payback, this page is my homage to those who have enriched my life with their generosity of spirit, their willingness, nay, eagerness to share, and their deep understanding of the writer’s life. Slowly but surely, I shall go down the list, featuring  these lovely souls…