ClancyTuckerHeadshotLet me introduce you to Clancy Tucker, whom I met three-four years ago when he graciously invited me onto his wonderful blog. As you will see, this great storytelling author/photographer/activist certainly has an impressive biography. But what has equally always impressed me about him is his perpetual generosity, kindness, and eagerness to help people everywhere. Thank you, Clancy, for reaching out to me and many others. You bring continuous education, enjoyment, and care to the world.


Amazon Profile:

Clancy Tucker is an Australian writer of young adult fiction, a photographer, publisher, and sometime poet. Thus far, he has had 146 short stories, numerous bush poems, 23 manuscripts, and many photographs published all over the world. “Gunnedah Hero” was his first published novel. The sequel, “A Drover’s Blanket,” was his second book and since then, he has written numerous stories about the same family. Clancy has also won many awards, including three in the Australian National Literary Awards. “Gunnedah Hero” has won two of them. He’s lived in four countries, speaks three languages and draws on his life’s experiences to write enthralling stories. Clancy is also a Human Rights activist and a social justice campaigner.


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