I first met this lovely, eclectic literary author through the support group, eNovelAuthorsAtWork. From the start, I was taken by her warmth and kindness to people there. She was even gushier than I am! Then, after having read and reviewed one of my books, she reached out and invited me onto her blog. At the time, I was tickled when she INSISTED that she wanted photos of not only of me and my books, but also from my varied background––my art quilts, my calligraphy, my craft angels, and my current cat, “June-bug”. Not only was that inclusive of her, I will be forever grateful for it. Why? It reminded me that although I was a relative newbie in the publishing world compared to many of the authors I was being exposed to, I realized that I had, indeed, been creative for most of my adult life. So thank you, dear Fros, for that and for all the support and love you radiate throughout the world from your native Greece!!

Amazon Bio: 

Effrosyni Moschoudi was born and raised in Athens, Greece. As a child, she loved to sit alone in her garden scribbling rhymes about flowers, butterflies and ants. Today, she writes books for people who love all things Greek. Her historical romance,

The Ebb, is an ABNA Q-Finalist. Her novels are Amazon bestsellers, having hit #1 several times. She lives in a quaint seaside town near Athens with her husband Andy and a naughty cat called Felix, but her mind forever drifts to her beloved Greek island of Corfu.

What others say about Effrosyni’s books:
“Effrosyni layers her words on the page like music.”~Jackie Weger, author of The House on Persimmon Road
“Very few writers have such a gift for realism.”~Kelly Smith Reviews






















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