I first met Steven Ramirez on Facebook, through the support group, ASMSG. I would see his name here or there, but because he wrote zombie novels, I have to admit, I paid little attention. After all, in my household I was known to run from the room whenever someone would turn on “The Living Dead.” But one day, I happened to “look inside” his book, TELL ME WHEN I’M DEAD and was instantly hooked. Reading it, I quickly learned a simple truism: When characters and story are well done and appealing, that’s all you need. If the prose is also terrific, it’s golden. I quickly became a fan.

Then, he not only read and reviewed one of my books, he graciously invited me onto his blog. More than that, whenever I’d post some promo of my work, there he was, happy to share it. I also noticed he was doing the same thing for other authors. Finally, I tested the waters by asking him if he was willing to beta read my western. He immediately stepped up and did a fine job, making vital comments that greatly enhanced my manuscript.

So thank you muchly, Steven, for all your kind and generous gestures! And living heart…


Amazon Bio:

Steven Ramirez is the author of the acclaimed horror thriller series, TELL ME WHEN I’M DEAD. A former screenwriter responsible for the funny, bloody, and action-packed movie “Killers,” he has also published COME AS YOU ARE, a horror collection, as well as a children’s book. Steven lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughters. He enjoys Mike and Ikes with his Iced Caffè Americano, doesn’t sleep on planes, and wishes Europe were closer.

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  1. While in high school, my band recorded a song I wrote. Sadly, it never sold. As a college student, I was stranded in London one night. A religious cult took me in and tried to convert me. It didn’t take.
  2. At one point in our marriage, my wife and I owned a Thoroughbred. They sure eat a lot. I wrote and directed a short film starring Rose Hobart, a truly amazing woman who began her film career at Fox in 1930.
  3. Many years ago in Pasadena CA, I ran into the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who was presumably on his way back to Cal Tech. I wish I had been better prepared.