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OK. First of all, a HEARTY thanks goes out to the fine, wonderfully descriptive author, EFFROSYNI MOSCHOUDI, for her GREAT review of my 1941 WW2 USA Romance thriller! Here it is:

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EFFROSYNI’s Book review: Tender Enemies by S.R. Mallery

I love books set in New York and this historical romance had an original premise that drew me from the start. I’d never read anything about Nazis in America before so I was intrigued before I even started to read. S.R. Mallery set her world vividly from the first pages, reeling me in effortlessly. I have read all her other books and, once again the dialogue was spot on for the era. This author writes vivid dialogue and characters in all her books, and she does it in an almost cinematographical way, in the sense that as I read I can see it all in my mind’s eye. What a wonderful talent for a writer to have!

The heroine, Lily, was traumatized from childhood and worried for her mother’s health too. She is such a caring soul, a good girl that was full of worry and trepidation. It all made me yearn for her to find happiness. The man she loved was someone she was assigned to spy on, which caused her to ache with love for him while doubting his integrity and true motives at the same time.

A host of Nazi supporters, some operatives on a stake-out, and FBI agents are featured in the story, weaving a web of lies and distrust that trapped the two protagonists at the center. I cannot recommend this book enough for fans of historical fiction and sweet romance with suspense. The story proved utterly entertaining to the last page. Towards the end, a series of twists and revelations caused my reading pleasure to skyrocket.

But, above all, what I enjoyed the most was feeling fully immersed in the 1940s as I read. It was an unforgettable mind trip and I urge you to take it as well.

My rating: 5 stars

Intriguing historical romance. Such a page-turner!

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