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The Manuscript Doctor

During this time of isolation at home, I’ve kept busy. One major accomplishment and a few smaller ones achieved.

For several years, I’ve wanted to pull together all my materials from my seminars, workshops, and experience into one resource book for writers. I finally found the time this spring while quarantined to my house. The Author’s Journey: A Road Map for Writers – from Draft to Published Book released today on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.

The book covers the following topics:

•Steps to preparing for the process of writing a book
•Craft, style, and mechanics of writing
•Elements of story
•How to choose the best publishing route for you
•The three major types of publishing
•Checklist for Pursuing Traditional Publishing
•Checklist for Publishing as an Indie Author
•Step-by-step guide for publishing on Amazon
•Legal Considerations for Writers
•How to start a freelance writing career
•Ways to market…

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