I met the lovely Marta Merajver Kurlat from Argentina about four years ago, through the support group ASMSG. Warm, generous, this author/professor not only fascinated me with her book, JUST TOSS THE ASHES, an insightful psychological study of grief, I was also very grateful for her reaching out to me. Being a relatively new writer and certainly a newbie member of this group, I was thrilled that she promoted my first two books and together with Jon Byk, gave me my first radio interview experience. Then, the more I found myself ‘learning the ropes’ on FB, the more I realized just how lovely she also was to so many people around the globe.

So thank you, dear Marta, for including me in your wide umbrella of love and support.

Her BIO:

I’ve always been reluctant to release my bio.

My motto is that a writer should speak through her works. However, I understand that you may be curious about the woman who became a writer. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I spent my early youth in Europe and America, studying and working, intent on feeling the pulse of life in countries very different from mine.

Greek mythology, in the shape of a book my father gave me on my eighth birthday, became my passion. From there I approached other ancient religions and discovered how humankind finds answers to appease its fears of what cannot be known.

With a degree in Translation and another in English Language and Literature, I experienced the joys of teaching high school in Argentina. At the same time, I had a long and most rewarding career at the Asociacion Argentina de Cultura Inglesa (Buenos Aires), where I was in charge of Cambridge examinations and lectured in Language, Contemporary Literature and Drama, Linguistics, Literary Translation and Simultaneous Translation.

San Diego State University G-TELP examinations for foreign students were my shared responsibility in Argentina and Uruguay from 1990 to 2003. In my thirties, I enrolled at the School of Psychology, Universidad de Buenos Aires, and was soon fascinated by the psychoanalytic approach. Several prestigious psychoanalytical associations have invited me to guest-lecture.

My love of languages drove me to learn French, German, and Italian. As an addict to reading, I enjoyed reading my favorite authors in the original versions. I have translated countless books and papers from and into English. Translation involves the rewrite of a text, and offers excellent lessons in self-discipline and conciseness. When I started writing, all of the above stood me in good stead.