I first met the fine, amiable author, S. K. Gregory––or Samantha Gregory, as she is also known––through my former publisher, Mockingbird Lane Press. Even though our genres were vastly different, we reached out to one another, and I’m so glad we did.



She pens YA Horror, and it was through her excellent writing that I discovered an important fact. No matter the genre, if the characters are appealing, the plots page turning, and the prose well versed, that’s all that counts. As a fellow writer, that was a great lesson for me.


After a couple of years, I left Mockingbird Lane Press, but she continued to reach out to me, reading a couple of my books and reviewing them, then featuring me on her blog. So thank you, Sam, for your kindness and your talent!




I am a journalist, blogger and writer. I write horror, fantasy and YA novels. When I’m not writing, I offer free reviews through my website and paid promos for authors.


















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